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This project was a total rebranding, from the logo to the website and online shop. The main aim was to develop the front-end of the whole Sango's website.

What is Sango?

Sango is a portuguese company created by a couple of artisans who are dedicated to the creation of leather pieces and value manual work.
Sango's principles are to give proper attention, dedication and care to each piece individually. Sango doesn't work with mass production, all the products are thought out, designed and made by hand. This is the great differentiating factor of it.

Logo redesign

Logo redesign - Actual logo | Icon process | Typography | Final Proposal
  • The rectangle shape represents the leather product
  • The crossed lines refer to the cross stitch.
  • Sango's initial is also present in the brand's icon
Icon explanation

Design kit


Dark Brown
HEX: #312C28
RGB: 49, 44, 40
Light Brown
HEX: #D9BB95
RGB: 217, 187, 149
HEX: #F8F2E4
RGB: 248, 242, 228
HEX: #FF6200
RGB: 255, 98, 0
Logo applied on leather | E-commerce landing page on screen and HTML code behind | Brand colors



Heading 1
80 points
Heading 2
40 points
Heading 3
30 points
Heading 4
20 points
Contacts, Newsletter, About and Product detail screens

Thank you

The team:

  • Ana Lagoa

  • Raul Ramos Pinto

  • Talissa Fregona